The KyEHC is a tranquil 70+ acre farm and safe haven for equines in need. Our horses come from a variety of backgrounds. Some arrive here surrendered by their owners and others have been rescued from abuse and neglect. Once healed and (re)schooled these wonderful horses are available for adoption to become someone's best friend and partner.


When Animal Control calls, we listen. A couple of weeks ago, we learned of a horse suffering from severe neglect, found malnourished and lying in a filthy barn. Our director named the five year old stallion Tahiti, because who wouldn't want to be on a beach instead of where he was? After a week at Rood & Riddle Hospital where he received excellent care, Tahiti came to the Center, where he has been receiving treatment for severe emaciation, and his long unattended feet were worked on. Rated the lowest possible body score by the vets who have helped him, Tahiti has been getting fed in regular, small amounts, but has a long road to recovery. 


We could use your help in caring for Tahiti. Please consider a donation, and note it's for Tahiti. 

Regular updates on Tahiti are posted on our Facebook page. 

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hosted at Park Equine Hospital at Woodford

April 17  4:00pm-8:00pm

Come out to the most fun party of the year, with all proceeds going for the care of the horses here at the Center!

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You can find more more information on this event and our other upcoming events on our Events Page!