Our most recent Open House that took place Saturday, June 16th. We had Aragon's 1st birthday and local trainer Rose Thiedich some and work on some of our horses for a very informational and helpful demo.

Rose Thiedich and taco
Rose and taco June OH
Robin OH
Birthday games OH
Honey OH
Kathleen and Mike- OH
Birthday Boys OH

Studio 54

Studio 54 was released from Park Equine Hospital which administered a topical chemotherapy over the course of several days. She has begun the recovery segment of this phase of her treatment. She has a long road ahead, as you can see from the photos. 
Whether you can donate $54, $540, or even $5.40 in her name, with a notation to indicate this is for her care, it is ALL appreciated! Please help Studio 54 get well and find her forever home! 

Studio 54 Update: 4/11/2018

Studio and her spots where she had the chemo treatment on, have come great strides. The spots look amazing and we couldn't be happier with it. We are so thankful to Park Equine and the excellent doctors that over saw this new innovative treatment to Studios sarcoids. 

Studio 54 Updated photo


Tahiti Update 4/11/2018

Tahiti has done great!  He is turned out with other geldings and is making friends.  His weight is back up to normal, and his prolapsed penis is close to being resolved.  He has a good mind, and is very open to training as you can see. Tahiti was vetted extensively and we were told he is 5 years old. 

Tahiti update 2
tahiti update 5
Tahiti update 3
Tahiti olivia up


 "Tails from the Center" VLOG Series Archives

Feb 28th- https://youtu.be/sMfmBnhdcAw -- Introduction to "Tails from the Center"

March 7th- https://youtu.be/FTNh7FKfQ0E

"Mandy and Esprit go to their new home!"