Studio 54

Studio 54 was released from Park Equine Hospital which administered a topical chemotherapy over the course of several days. She has begun the recovery segment of this phase of her treatment. She has a long road ahead, as you can see from the photos. 
Whether you can donate $54, $540, or even $5.40 in her name, with a notation to indicate this is for her care, it is ALL appreciated! Please help Studio 54 get well and find her forever home! 

studio update sarcoid

UPDATE 3/3/2018

Studio is doing absolutely terrific!! The treatment we had done on her sarcoids  a few months ago has worked wonders! They are still healing but have improved by leaps and bounds, and they continue to improve day by day. We are so happy that this innovative treatment worked on our girl. She is such a sweetheart, and she deserves to have this work in her favor. We will continue to update in the coming months, because the treatment is ongoing as long as there is a spot. 

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