​Victor and Kendall
Victor is doing fantastic!  So very sweet and he really has a good head on him - like how he reacts to new things!  He seems to have bonded well with our pony and two goats. He is continuing to get horsemanship / ground training daily from my daughter and we continue to see progress as he has really relaxed and gotten into a schedule 


Echo & Danielle
Echo (Now Misty) has been a busy girl since she has been adopted! She started out in dressage and has since branched out to jumping and cross country. She has competed in several shows and has placed in the top 3 in each of them, even placed 4th on her first cross country course. Her owner is enjoying her greatly and they competed in a couple highly recognized shows this  past spring! We can't wait to see the next update on Echo (Misty).

echo jumping
echo cross country
echo cross country 2

Caspian and Aragon

Caspian and Aragon were born here at the center where both mothers came from a feral herd in Eastern Kentucky. They have been buddies from the beginning and we are so happy that they were adopted together to continue that buddy connection. These guys were adopted by a lovely couple who have big plans for these sweet boys. As you can see they are fitting right in in their new home. We couldn't be happier!

caspian and aragon
caspian and aragon2