As you can imagine, our horses and the farm operation in general uses hundreds of items on a daily basis. Items range from simple things like horse brushes to medical supplies and fence boards. You name it - we need it!  We welcome your 'in-kind' donations, and offer a "wish list". 
Equine Supplies:  
Neopolybac Eye Ointment
Vet Wrap
4 inch Elasticon
Standard Process Equine Immune Support  
Chlorhexadine Solution (gallon size)
Fly Spray   
Betadine Solution 
Various tack (new and used) 
Fly Masks- Fully face- horse, and pony sized
***Alfalfa Square Bales
Senior Feed 
Sweet/Textured Feed --11 or 12%   
Pelleted Feed--11 or 12%  ​
Sturdy Steed Mineral Supplement Treat Block - any flavor  
Hay ~ Square Bales ~ 
Wormer-- ALL TYPES
Hoof Supplements - w/Biotin Methionine 
Joint Supplements  
Mineral and White field salt blocks (50# blocks)
Vitamin E supplement
 Barn Supplies:  
Water Tanks (100 gallon)  
Double End Snaps
Bags of  Hydrated Lime 
***Straw-Square bales
Pine Shavings  
Brooms & Rakes
Muck Tub/Bucket Cart  
Double End Snaps 
Large Screw Eyes  
100 foot Heavy Duty Extension Cords 
75 –  100 foot Heavy Duty Water Hoses   
Energy Saving Light Bulbs (LED if possible) 
Metal Upright Shelving-- 5 shelves    
Pine Sol ~  Bleach ~  Cleaning Supplies
Fence boards (and volunteers to fix fence boards)
Fencing Nails
Saddle Soap
Leather Oil
Gift Cards to Southern States and/or Tractor Supply